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Love Rescue by Mind Map: Love Rescue

1. Home

1.1. The home page gives a quick teaser to what the website is about and includes a video and pictures.

1.1.1. Pixlr: I used photo editing to make a picture for my website. QR Code: I will add a QR code to the home page to allow access to the site from a mobile device.

2. About

2.1. The about page includes and overview of the website and it's goals, it also includes information about the author and pictures.

2.1.1. Video/Animation: I will add a video or animation as a promotion for my website.

3. Contact

3.1. The contact page allows users to send me a question or comment they may have. This page also includes some pictures.

3.1.1. Google Form: I will add a google form to either conduct a survey or use as a registration form for my website so people can receive updates.

4. Adoption Centers

4.1. This page will have maps and information about the adoption centers in the Phoenix area.

4.1.1. Canva Design: I will add a flyer to showcase some volunteer information for different adoption centers.

5. Stories

5.1. On this page I will add different stories that people submit of them and their pets and/or their adoption stories.

5.1.1. Infrographics: I will use inforgraphics to show data on the amount of different animals that are currently in animal shelters and the amount added every day and yearly.

6. Gallery

6.1. This page will include many pictures of animals from adoption centers around the Phoenix area and also include animals who have just recently been adopted with their new owner.

7. Social Media

7.1. I will add social media icons to help promote my website through different social media platforms.

7.1.1. QR Code: I will use a QR code to add easy access for people to use my websites social media accounts. App Design: I will design an app and display it near the social media icons to show people that they can download it on their phones as well.