Three Technology Integration Models

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Three Technology Integration Models by Mind Map: Three Technology Integration Models


1.1. Substitution

1.1.1. tech acts as a substitution - no functional change

1.2. Augmentation

1.2.1. tech acts as a substitution - with functional improvement

1.3. Modification

1.3.1. tech allows significant task redesign

1.4. Redefinition

1.4.1. tech allows for creation of new task - possibly inconceivable


2.1. Context

2.1.1. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Technology Knowledge knowledge about certain ways of thinking about, and working with technology, tools and resources. and working with technology can apply to all technology tools and resources Pedagogical Knowledge deep knowledge about the processes and practices or methods of teaching and learning Content Knowledge knowledge about the subject matter to be learned or taught Technology Pedagogical Knowledge understanding of how teaching and learning can change when particular technologies are used in particular ways Technological Content Knowledge understands the information and the best technology to use in order to deliver it Pedagogical Content Knowledge interprets information and finds multiple ways to represent it

3. TIM

3.1. Entry

3.1.1. delivery of content using technology

3.2. Adoption

3.2.1. instructs student in basic use of tech

3.3. Adaptation

3.3.1. choice in use of tech & modification of the task

3.4. Infusion

3.4.1. consistently infusing tech with understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating learning tasks

3.5. Transformation

3.5.1. blend of choice of tech with student-initiated investigations, discussions, compositions, or projects across content areas

4. Differences

4.1. Framework for Integration

4.2. Self Evaluation of Integration

4.3. Tool for Evaluation by other of Integration