Children of Cronus & Rhea

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Children of Cronus & Rhea by Mind Map: Children of Cronus & Rhea

1. Hestia

1.1. Goddess of the Hearth & Domesticity

1.2. First born, last regurgitated

1.3. Gave up her seat on Olympus for Dionysus

2. Demeter

2.1. Goddess of the Harvest

2.2. Associated with fertility

2.3. The absence of her daughter Persephone causes winter on Earth

3. Hera

3.1. Goddess of Marriage

3.2. Sister-wife of Zeus

3.3. Spawned Hephaestus by herself after Athena sprang from Zeus

4. Hades

4.1. God of the Underworld & Riches

4.2. Often depicted with Cerberus

4.3. Kidnapped & married Persephone

5. Poseidon

5.1. God of the Sea

5.2. Created horses

5.3. Competed with Athena for patronship of Athens & lost

6. Zeus

6.1. King of the Gods & God of the Heavens

6.2. Fulfilled the prophecy that said a son of Cronus would overthrow him [Cronus]

6.3. Had countless children with countless mistresses