Drum Paper

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Drum Paper by Mind Map: Drum Paper

1. Respect for the Materials

1.1. Respect the Animal by making the most of the materials

1.2. Making sure there was enough hide to go around

1.3. Careful cutting of the drum heads

1.4. Maximizing the cutting of the strips

1.5. This Animal died for us

1.5.1. We killed it We must honour it

2. Technical Qualifications

2.1. 4 Pages

2.2. Title page/yourname/studentnumber/my name/course name

2.3. Margins: Bottom, top and sides, 1 inch

2.4. Double spaced, text: equivalent in size to Times New Roman, 12 pts

2.5. Align Left

2.6. Citations where necessary

2.7. Style:MLA

3. Introduction

4. Physical Process

4.1. The enjoyment of working with ones hands

4.2. Creating something in the "real" world

4.2.1. Creation is functional

4.2.2. Has value

4.3. A therapeutic process

4.3.1. A time to worry about the task at hand

5. Concurrent Reading

5.1. Specifics

5.1.1. Healing

5.1.2. Feels that life is unfair

5.1.3. Cole is a broken little man Hates cake

5.1.4. Disrespected the elder Spit in his face

5.1.5. Horrible parents Alcohol

5.1.6. Lashes out at spirit bear, gets rekt

5.2. What did it offer to the drum making process

5.3. Point of focus while we worked

5.3.1. Easier to keep on task

5.4. Enjoyment in hearing a story

5.4.1. Helps alleviate the discomfort of labour

5.5. It was a story of healing

5.5.1. Spirit bear kicks his ass

6. Social Aspect

6.1. Working as a team.

6.1.1. Completing a common goal

6.2. End of the hunt

6.3. Drum is created for a communal purpose

6.3.1. For ceremony

6.4. Shared learning

6.4.1. Everyone brings something to the table

7. Blessing of the Drum P.D.

7.1. Frank Tacan will do some stuff

7.2. Burn the herbs I guess

8. Connections to Teaching and Learning

8.1. Activity suits kinaesthetic learners