Final Research Paper

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Final Research Paper by Mind Map: Final Research Paper

1. The topic I chose to do is: Beyond the first college course and effective strategies for completing a degree program.

2. Question: Why do you need effective strategies to complete a degree program?

3. Thesis: Although completing a degree program requires discipline, it is worth the time and effort in the long run. Getting a degree improves yourself and your family because it leads to more career opportunities that you want to have, not jobs that you need to have to get by.






9. -convenient time and place for classes -reputation with being adult friendly -need a degree for current job/future job

10. money, time, family, full time jobs, cant attend full time

11. -establish priorities -know yourself -sleep -be flexible -do a little bit at a time

12. -rigorous prior learning experience -adult friendly advising/faculty -esta. one point contact for enrollment services/support services

13. -self-direction, organization, motivation, sense of confidence -read syllabus, plan study times, login to course minimum 3x a week, ask questions, make connections with other students