Didactics of Language Skills

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Didactics of Language Skills by Mind Map: Didactics of Language Skills

1. Reading

1.1. Problem 1

1.2. Problem 2

1.3. Problem 3

2. Speaking

2.1. Requires

2.1.1. Automation Repetition Rehearsal

2.1.2. Fluency

2.1.3. Complexity Linguistic complexity Cognitive Complexity

2.1.4. Accuracy

2.1.5. Improvisation

2.2. Didactical Activitie

2.3. Idea 3

3. Listening

3.1. Requires

3.1.1. Accuracy of perception

3.1.2. clarity of auditory memory

3.1.3. Listening for meaning

3.1.4. Use in conjunction with the other skills

3.2. Bloomfield 1942

3.3. 4 areas in pefdagogy

3.3.1. listening in SLA, Speech adjustment Learners' use of share knowdledge of the context

3.3.2. speech processing, prosodic patterns, (phonetic quality, pausing and speed of input), Speech recognizion Phonological System Phonotactic rules Tone Melodies The stress system Speech Rate

3.3.3. listening in interactive settings Identification of topíc shift Providing obligatory responses Shifting to topic initistor role Initiating queries repair of comunication problems

3.3.4. strategy use. Hypothesis Testing Askling word meanings Asking for general repetitiion Predicting Monitoring Inferencing Clarifying Responding

3.3.5. Testing Listenning What the candidate is expected to do Content Text

3.4. Goal-Oriented Activity

3.4.1. Bottoms-up Processing

3.4.2. Top-down

3.5. 3

3.6. Teaching strategies

3.6.1. Tasks One-way Two-way information gap

3.6.2. Activation of Schemata prior Listening

4. Writting

4.1. Teaching Strategies

4.1.1. Collaborative Writing

4.1.2. Academic Writing is a Social communicative act

4.1.3. Redrafting from differente pespectives.

4.1.4. Make predictions and writte them in order to complete a text

4.1.5. Cross-genre writing (e.g. from poetry to prose and vice versa).

4.1.6. Portfolio writing. A sample of diffrent types of texts is collected and evaluated

4.2. Problems

4.2.1. Very few L2 teachers are prepared to teach composition

4.3. Requires

4.3.1. Literacy skills in L1