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Frequency Adverbs by Mind Map: Frequency Adverbs

1. always

1.1. I always eat an apple in the morning

2. frequently

2.1. often

2.1.1. regularly I often/regularly make mistakes in grammar exercises.

3. generally

3.1. normally

3.1.1. I generally/normally go skating on Fridays.

4. infrequently

4.1. I infrequently waste food.

5. never

5.1. I never fail.

6. occasionally

6.1. I occasionally cook English food.

7. rarely

7.1. hardly ever

7.1.1. I rarely/hardly ever forget a person's name.

8. seldom

8.1. I seldom buy the newspaper: now I read it on my tablet.

9. sometimes

9.1. I sometimes have a glass of champagne in the evening.

10. usually

10.1. I usually read a book in bed.