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TWC301 Reading Notes by Mind Map: TWC301 Reading Notes
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TWC301 Reading Notes

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Drobin Chpt1 Communication in the workplace

Genres of Communication

Document Genres

PSA Problem Solving Approach

Drobin Chpt 2 Rhetoric & Technical Communication

Workplace Problems

Rhetorical Problems

DrobinChpt 3 Technical Communication and Electronic Technologies

Impact of technology

Ethics and Electronic Communication

Dobrin Chpt 4 Ethics and the Workplace Writer

introductory points

What is ethics?

3 reasons workplace writers should study ethics

Ethical guidelines for workplace writers

Ehics are context related

Ethics and technology

Avoid unethical writing

Dobrin Chpt 5 Technical Communications in a Transnational World




Politics & Law




Things to remember

Accommodating Transnational audiences

Guidelines for Writing for Transnationals

Dobrin Chpt 7 Organizing & Drafting Documents