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Bachelor of Youth Development by Mind Map: Bachelor of Youth Development
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Bachelor of Youth Development

Year 1

YD101 Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi

YD102 Understanding Youth Development

YD103 Understanding Youth Culture and Identity

YD104 Building Intentional Relationships

YD106 Promoting Family, Whānau and Community Cohesion

YD107 Assessing and Managing Resilience & Risk

YD108 Entering Professional Practice

Year 3

YD301 Researching & Enquiring

YD302 Managing Crisis

YD303 Working in Organisations

YD304 Sustaining Social Development

YD305 Becoming Critical

YD306 Becoming Professional

Year 2

YD201 Working with Teams

YD202 Working with Groups

YD203 Designing Positive Youth Development

YD204 Delivering Positive Youth Development

YD205 Supporting Youth Participation

YD206 Evaluating Youth Development Practice

YD207 Developing Specialist Practice

YD208 Developing Professional Practice

YD105 Managing Information

discuss documentation: legal & ethical issues; procedures & methods

prepare agency reports and documents

prepare and present report summary

manage documents according to agency protocols