Vocab words

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Vocab words by Mind Map: Vocab words

1. Organic Compound

1.1. a A organic compound is any member of a large class of gaseous,liquid, or solid chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon

1.2. Point 2

1.3. Point 3

2. Hydrocarbons

2.1. Hydro carbons are organic compounds that are only made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms

2.2. Idea 2

2.3. Idea 3

3. a Inorganic compounds are compounds that are not organic

4. 6. Water cycle

5. 7. Evaporation

6. a Evaporation is the process of a liquid turning into a gas

7. 8. Transpiration

8. 9. Precipitation

9. a When water droplets form water vapor in the air condenses, that are large enough to start to fall

10. Molecule

10.1. Molecule means a group of atoms bonded together to make a chemical compound

10.2. Goal 2

10.3. Goal 3

11. Compound

11.1. Compound are chemical elements that are chemically combined

11.2. Problem 2

11.3. Problem 3

12. 5. in organic compounds

13. a The water cycle is a continous process in which wayer is circulated throughout the earth and the atmosphere using condensatio, precipitation, and evaporation

14. a Transpiration is the process in which plants absorb water through the roots and then give off water vapor through the pores in their leaves

15. 10. Condensation

16. a Condensation is the change of water gaseous form to liquid form ( This picture shows how all of these word are connected with each other in the water cycle

17. Evaporation occurs when the sun dries up all the rain. Precipitation occurs when it rains or snows. Transpiration occurs when the rain gets absorbed in the roots of a plant. Condensation occurs when water goes from a liquid form to a gaseous form. These words are together in the water cycle.

18. Organic compounds are compounds that have molecules that contain carbon. Inorganic compounds are compounds that doesn't have carbon atoms. Hydro carbons have hydrogen and carbon atoms in a organic molecule. Molecules have a bunch of atoms bonded together to make a chemical compound. A compound consists of different elements that are combined chemically. All these words describe different parts of a structured cell or organism

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