Vocabulary Vehicle Ch. 3 Sections 1 and 3

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Vocabulary Vehicle Ch. 3 Sections 1 and 3 by Mind Map: Vocabulary Vehicle Ch. 3 Sections 1 and 3

1. The water cycle contains precipitation, condensation, transpiration and evaporation.

2. Molecule

2.1. Organic compounds, inorganic compounds, compounds and hydrocarbons are molecules because they all contain at least two atoms.

3. Compound

3.1. Composed of two or more elements or parts

4. The Water Cycle http://www.softschools.com/quizzes/science/water/quiz316.html

5. Transpiration

5.1. passage of water vapor through plants

6. Precipitation

6.1. condensation of water in the atmosphere

7. Organic and inorganic compounds are compounds are related in that they are both compounds but the organic compounds are created from living systems and contain carbon. Inorganic compounds are changed and do not contain carbon.

8. Hydrocarbon

8.1. compound that is composed of only carbon and hydrogen

9. Organic and Inorganic Compounds

10. Evaporation

10.1. change from liquid to gas

11. Condensation

11.1. the change from gas to liquid