Web Awareness

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Digital citizenship

1.1. Ethics

1.1.1. Respect yourself Students should know what is appropriate to share on line

1.1.2. Respect Intelectual property Knowing how to use and give credit to what they find and use online

1.1.3. Respect others "Think before you click" know what is appropriate to say and share.

2. Internet Safety

2.1. Schools

2.1.1. Restricting web use

2.2. Adult supervision

2.2.1. recent study shows that there is a lack of adult supervision while youth are online

2.3. Cyber bullying

2.3.1. Teachers and students need to know what is appropriate and recognize what cyber bullying is.

2.4. Loco Parentis

2.4.1. Teachers need to be able to guide students web use and act as a guardian when their parents can not

2.5. Privacy

2.5.1. Be careful where you put your information and what your privacy settings are.

3. Authenticity

3.1. Knowing what is credible and what is fake or misinformation.

3.2. Anyone can have an opinion on the internet and just because it is on the web does not make it true. Students need to learn how to know if a source is credible.

3.3. Copy Right

3.3.1. Teachers can demonstrate how to properly use sources and intellectual property from the internet and teach students how to do the same to give credit where credit is due.