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Untitled Econ Paper by Mind Map: Untitled Econ Paper
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Untitled Econ Paper

Market types


Monopoly, One seller

Oligopoly, Few sellers, many buyers, Difficult Entry, Price maker


Monopolistic competition, Many sellers & buyers, Price maker, Easy entry, Differentiated product, Big Mac v. Whopper, Advertising

Perfect competition, Best possible product at best possible price, Many sellers

Consumer responsibility

Consumer choice

Limits, Availability of distributers, Wal-Mart takes over town, Countered by internet, Availability of knowledge, Countered by internet

Smart Shopping, Internet distributors, Reviews, Word of mouth, Consumer Reports, CNET, Internet, Reliability, Bias, Thorough, Educated, Testing/samples

Protests, Boycotting, Keep big companies in check, Effectiveness?, Raise Awareness, Blogging, Public demonstrations, Raise awareness

Stay aware of the effects of big business


Anti-trust policies

Anti-trust Enforcement

Anti-trust debate



Examples of regulation in action


Regulated Industries