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M&M's Cupboard - Get In The Bowl by Mind Map: M&M
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M&M's Cupboard - Get In The Bowl

Visual techniques?

What is in the shot?

People, Objects, M&M cartoon characters

What is centered?

M&M cartoon characters

How do figures move within the frame?

The husband opens the cupboard door. Then, objects started flying towards him. In the end, he realised the M&M cartoon characters were the ones throwing them.

What effect does the demand have on viewers?

Demand involves the viewers and appeals to them.


What other details are important in the scene? What are their function and effect?

The bowl which the husband carries. The title of the advertisement is 'Get In The Bowl' so there should be bowl in the advertisement.

What is the message of the advertisement?

'Bring them all home'

Is it telling you a story?



Does the advertisement make you want to buy the product? Why?

Yes. The M&M cartoon characters throw all the objects which are inside the cupboard. This is to proof that the objects are not worth eating but they are.

Technical aspects?

Is the shot wide or long? A close up?

It is a wide shot but when it comes to the M&M cartoon characters, it is a close up.

How is the frame lit?

Natural light

What camera angles are used here?

Camera is level throughout, creating impression of equality.

Is the camera acting as the eyes of the audience?

Yes. It acts as the eyes of the audience, maintaining "eye-contact" with the subject and therefore creating engagement.