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Filial Piety by Mind Map: Filial Piety
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Filial Piety


What is this advertisement for?

To promote the virtue of filial piety and instill in every child the right values towards the elderly.

To educate everyone that we should not forget our roots in the future when we grow up, especially the love and care our parents gave us in our younger years.

Does the advertisement capture your attention/make you want to buy the product/use the service? Why?

Yes it does. Overall, the advertisement is very touching and emphasizes the importance of filial piety within everyone through the actions of both mother and son.

Also, it shows the love and acceptance for a mother from a son's perspective, unlike the harsh act of abandoning their own parents in the old folks' home from typical grown ups.

Visual Techniques

What is in the shot?

An aged old lady, her son, her grandson

What is centered

The filial piety towards the son's mother despite her harsh attitude towards him, such as insisting on living with her sister and not wanting them to take care of her

How do figures move within the frame?

Initially, it screened the current situation of the son's mother, who was hospitalised. After that, it shifted back in the past where it shows the mother's harsh treatments towards the son and his tolerance for his mother.

What effect does the demand have on viewers?

Emphasizes on filial piety through the actions of the son, which includes patience and tolerance for his mother. Has a very realistic and natural view towards the elderly.


What is the message/theme of the advertisement?

This advertisement is trying to spread the importance and values of filial piety which every person should have.

What other details are important in the scene?

The harsh attitude the mother has towards her son tolerated by her son's patience and love for his mother. Also, the flashback scene whereby it portrays his mother's love and care for him through her worried and desperate face when he was sick.

Technical Aspects

How is the frame lit?

Overall, it was dimly lit

Is there music? When and how is it used? What mood does it create?

Slow and sad background piano music

Background music are mostly sad and melancholy e.g: Rain drops, heart beat machine

How does the camera move

Move from scenes to scenes

Zoom in on details: Rain drops, when mother was carrying her son in the pouring rain while shouting for a taxi

Is the shot wide or long

Certain images/details are closed up

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