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Chips by Mind Map: Chips

1. Flavors

1.1. Cherry

1.1.1. the smell on the chip was a little strong but after a while the smell died down and the taste was good Recipe: what you need: Lays chips, cherry flavored jello Steps: 1. Pour the jello powder in a ziploc bag 2. Pour chips in the same ziploc bag 3.Shake until evenly spread

1.2. S'mores (chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers

1.2.1. when warm everything together tasted good but when it cooled the chocolate became too hard and the marshmallows were too chewy

1.3. Curry Powder

1.3.1. on the chip the powder made an unappealing colour and the taste was too bitter and spicy

1.4. Garlic Powder

1.4.1. the smell was good but the powder on the chip tasted bad

1.5. Curry and Garlic Powder

1.5.1. after mixing both in a bag with the chips the flavors together were too strong and spicy

2. Natural Resources

2.1. -potatoes

2.2. - salt water

2.3. -corn

2.4. -cows/pigs

2.5. -sugar cane

2.6. -cherry

2.7. -grass

2.8. -hay

3. Raw Materials

3.1. -potato

3.2. -salt

3.3. -corn oil

3.4. -gelatin

3.5. -suagr

3.6. -cherry flavoring

3.7. -animal bones

4. Labour

4.1. workers ( Fiona Lee, Sarah Jodha, Keerthana Srikanthan

5. Capital

5.1. -spoon

5.2. -fryer

5.3. -ziploc bag

5.4. -strainer

5.5. -thermometer

5.6. -timer

5.7. -Bags

5.8. -slicer

5.9. -tray (let chips cool)

5.10. -bowl

6. By: Fiona Lee, Sarah Jodha, Keerthana Srikanthan