Misunderstood Minds

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Misunderstood Minds by Mind Map: Misunderstood Minds

1. Attention: Visual Activity

1.1. Hard to concentrate

1.1.1. One of the hardest activities for me

1.1.2. Only got the first question right before the information went away

1.2. Possible ADD or ADHD

1.2.1. Can be treated with behavioral and pharmacological therapies ("The State of Learning Disabilities", 2014)

1.2.2. Seen in about 6.4 million children ("The State of Learning Disabilities", 2014)

1.3. Related to film

1.3.1. Lauren: experienced problems with focus Was put on Ritalin Attention improved Grades improved Social interactions improved

1.3.2. Nathan S.: experienced problems with staying on task Diagnosed with ADD Put on Ritalin

1.4. Very prevalent in classrooms

2. A lot of emotions felt during activites

2.1. Frustration

2.1.1. Thought I had the right answer many times and did not

2.2. Confusion

2.2.1. The directions on many were confusing because they were so complex

2.3. Panic

2.3.1. Felt like I had to answer very quickly on some

3. Reading: Decoding activity

3.1. Dealt with recognizing phonemes

3.1.1. Only included 44 known phonemes in the English language

3.1.2. "Hearing" letters we read

3.1.3. Possible for dyslexia Difficulty in working with individual sounds in words ("The State of Learning Disabilities", 2014)

3.2. Complex activity

3.2.1. I was correct on this one

3.2.2. Confusing directions

3.2.3. Time consuming read

3.3. Connections to film

3.3.1. Nathan V. Put into resource room for more one-on-one attention Tutoring Would memorize readings to pretend he was fluent Test scores improved after intervention

3.3.2. Adam Put in small classroom setting Small group teaching while in jail Placed in a resource room later Slipped through the cracks and dropped out

3.4. What I have seen most in classrooms

4. Writing: Composition activity

4.1. Other activities require more effort than moving thoughts to paper

4.1.1. Graphomotor

4.1.2. Grammar

4.1.3. Structure

4.2. Very difficult activity for me

4.2.1. Directions were confusing

4.2.2. Answer was nowhere near correct Worried more about the rules than what I was writing

4.2.3. Switching words directions is where I struggled most

4.2.4. Shocked how different what the teacher read was

4.2.5. "Remember rule from last year?" Confusing Worried about the rules on paper, no time to remember that

4.2.6. Stuck with me the most out of the activities

4.3. Related to film

4.3.1. Nathan V. Struggled with writing One on one attention Raised test scores on Davis testing

4.3.2. Adam Experienced problems with writing Ideas did not come to paper

4.3.3. Nathan S. Struggled to write because of pencil grip Hard to organize thoughts

4.4. Could be related to dysgraphia ("The State of Learning Disabilities", 2014)

4.4.1. Student grips pencil very hard Trouble forming letters

4.4.2. Avoid writing tasks

4.4.3. Trouble organizing thoughts

4.4.4. Sytax and grammar difficultues

5. Math: Sequence activity

5.1. The easiest one for me-- still difficult

5.1.1. Took a lot of time

5.1.2. Had to write everything down

5.1.3. Having to remember to do each step and in what order was difficult

5.1.4. The amount of numbers and rules was intimidating

5.2. Related to dyscalculia ("The State of Learning Disabilities", 2014)

5.2.1. Difficulty with numbers, facts, and counting

5.2.2. Trouble with problem solving

6. Student Strengths/ Weakneses

6.1. Nathan V.

6.1.1. Strengths Communication Leadership Memorization

6.1.2. Weaknesses Phonemic Awareness Addition/Subtraction Comprehension Writing Self-esteem

6.2. Lauren

6.2.1. Strengths Writing Poetry Creativity

6.2.2. Weaknesses Social skills Organization Focus

6.3. Sarah Lee

6.3.1. Strengths Verbal skills Social skills Language for single words

6.3.2. Weaknesses Comprehension Vocabulary Associations Abstract thinking Reading

6.4. Adam

6.4.1. Strengths Well-behaved as a child

6.4.2. Weaknesses Reading Word Identification Decoding Spelling Writing

6.5. Nathan S.

6.5.1. Strengths Science Perceptions Visual Spatial Creativity

6.5.2. Weaknesses Social skills Staying on task Low self-esteem Anger Sadness Outputting