Skeletal System

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Skeletal System by Mind Map: Skeletal System

1. Structural Components

1.1. Bones

1.1.1. Compact Osteons Central canal surround by concentric lamellae Osteocytes sitting lacunae connected by canaliculi Cells surrounded by extracellular matrix Osteoid - organic component = collagen and ground substance (proteogycans and glycoproteins) Inorganic component = hydroxyapatite (calcium phosphate and calcium hydroxide)

1.1.2. Spongy Trabeculae Filled with bone marrow Parallel lamellae

1.1.3. Shapes of Bones Short Long Epiphysis Diaphysis Metaphysis Flat Contains diploe Irregular

1.1.4. Periosteum Surrounds outside of bone, contains blood vessels and nerves Sharpey's fibers attach to bone (made of collagen)

1.1.5. Endosteum Covers inside surface of bone Contains osteoblasts, osteoclasts, and osteoprogenitor

1.2. Tendons

1.3. Cartilage

1.4. ligaments

2. Functions

2.1. Movement

2.2. Hemopoeisis

2.3. Protection

2.4. Mineral storage