14 Categories of Disabilities

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14 Categories of Disabilities by Mind Map: 14 Categories of Disabilities

1. Orthopedic Impairment

2. Hearing Impairment

3. Emotional Disturbance

3.1. I had student who was diagnosed with emotional disturbance. Whenever he had an outburst I would use my iphone to show him a cartoon on youtube of character who had an outburst. The music and the dance of the character who shared the same name as my student would always calm him down.

4. Deafness

5. Deaf-Blindness

6. Developmental Delay

6.1. I was a para for a brief moment to a child with down syndrome. She was not fully potty trained, and could not speak English. I had to use a visual board to communicate to her. If she was hungry, thirsty, or If i was taking her to the bathroom. The visual board was very effective with helping her reach her daily goals.

7. Intellectual Disability

8. Multiple Disabilities

9. Other Health Impairment

10. Specific Learning Disabilities

11. Speech or Language Impairment

12. Traumatic brain injury

13. Visual Impairment, including blindness

14. Autism

14.1. One of the students I was a para for had Spectrum. He loved dinosaurs. In order to get him to understand or pay attention to anything I had to use dinosaurs. I made flashcards with felt stickers of dinosaurs so he could learn how to count to 10. I had to use my ipad to show him videos of dinosaurs as a reward system.