My Academic Journey by Cristina Lozano

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My Academic Journey by Cristina Lozano by Mind Map: My Academic Journey by Cristina Lozano

1. Senior Year

1.1. Enjoy as much time in college left as possible

1.2. Create great memories with classmates and friends

1.3. Continue to get amazing grades

1.4. Complete Senior Year Capstone Project

1.5. Hopefully receive acceptance letter to #1 Law school

1.6. Prepare for graduation (yikes!)

2. Junior Year

2.1. Get another internship or continue an old one

2.2. Continue to get amazing grades

2.3. Take classes that interest me

2.4. Study abroad?

2.5. Start studying heavily for LSATs

2.6. Create a list of top 5 Law schools you will apply to

2.6.1. Columbia Law

2.6.2. Stanford Law

2.6.3. Harvard Law

2.6.4. UPenn Law

2.6.5. NYU Law

3. Sophomore Year

3.1. Start researching LSATs and Law schools

3.1.1. Columbia Law

3.1.2. NYU Law

3.1.3. Harvard Law

3.1.4. Stanford Law

3.1.5. UPenn Law

3.2. Research studying abroad

3.2.1. China

3.2.2. Spain

3.2.3. Cuba

3.2.4. France

3.3. Get an internship within NYC government

3.4. Continue joining new clubs

3.5. Take more classes pertaining to major

3.6. Continue to get rid of required classes

3.7. Explore boundaries

3.7.1. Maybe minor in gender studies

4. Freshman Year

4.1. Get great grades!

4.2. Experiment new classes and experiences

4.3. Get the feel of the school

4.4. Learn and join new clubs and/or groups

4.4.1. Pre-Law Institute

4.4.2. Habitat for Humanity

4.4.3. Social Justice Club

4.5. Star knocking out required classes

4.6. Continue to save money from job - Macy's