My Educational and Professional Goals From Start To Finish

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My Educational and Professional Goals From Start To Finish by Mind Map: My Educational and Professional Goals From Start To Finish

1. Plan A: FBI

1.1. Exert professionalism in FBI

1.1.1. Used what was learned and exercise abilities

1.2. Obtain professional experience in field

1.2.1. Become fluent in FBI practices and operations

1.3. maintain a long and successful career

1.3.1. Prepare to serve the country and serve it well

1.4. Participate in lifelong dream

1.4.1. Serve and protect and bring justice to the world

1.5. Use proficiency in Arabic to translate, decipher, and interpret for various objectives and tasks

1.5.1. Prevent terrorism

1.5.2. Protect citizens of the U.S. and the Middle East

2. Freshman Year

2.1. Enroll in Gen-Ed classes as well as some classes within my major

2.1.1. Dive into prerequisite studies and become familiar with coursework

2.2. Engage with others in clubs like Theatrical Players and Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship

2.2.1. Develop relationships and connections with others

2.2.2. Explore different cultures and perspectives on life, expression, and distinctive interests

2.3. Establish relations with professors

2.3.1. Become acquainted with my professors to obtain recognizability Keep in close touch with Professor Beckett

2.3.2. Gain insight as to subjects and lessons about life and education

2.4. Obtain and maintain a high GPA

2.4.1. Be careful with time management

2.4.2. Understand importance of high academic achievement

2.4.3. Study carefully and avidly

2.5. Apply to the Honors Program

2.5.1. Gain understanding of program

2.5.2. Realize worth of being in the program

3. Sophomore Year

3.1. Maintain a high GPA

3.1.1. Develop efficient studying skills

3.1.2. Spend time properly with completing homework and course assignments

3.1.3. Understand course work to best ability

3.2. Get an internship with the Center for Employment Opportunity

3.2.1. Obtain knowledge and understanding of reentry programs

3.2.2. Assist participants with gaining practical skills and abilities to function in the ever-changing world

3.3. Become further engaged with professors and obtain mentors

3.3.1. Develop strong relationship with professor Mandery to help me with course decisions.

3.3.2. Ask for advice and guidance in future endeavors and course enrollment

3.3.3. Connect with Dr. Davidson to explore arabic opportunities with language programs and fellowships

3.4. Apply for scholarships and fellowships

3.4.1. Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship

3.4.2. Federal Bureau of Investigation

3.4.3. Benjamin A. Gillman International Scholarship

3.5. Enroll in shadowing program with NYPD

3.5.1. Gain experience with the ins and outs of policing and criminal justice

4. Junior Year

4.1. Progress in major classes and obtain new professional skills

4.1.1. Gain experience and understanding in the major elements of my courses

4.1.2. Develop skills within career choice

4.2. Internship with FBI

4.2.1. Explore the workings of the Bureau

4.2.2. Establish myself in the criminal justice system

4.2.3. Obtain knowledge and practical skills to use later in career

4.3. Obtain proficiency in Arabic at Middlebury

4.3.1. Attend summer language program to emerge in the language and culture of the Middle East

4.3.2. Obtain proficiency in Arabic and all of its facets

4.4. Obtain executive position on Student Council

4.4.1. Gain experience in executive operations

4.4.2. Service the school and its students

4.4.3. Work as a team to achieve high ends

4.5. Study abroad in middle east to experience culture and native language

4.5.1. Gain real life experience with foreign culture

4.5.2. Apply knowledge of Arabic to understand people and environment

5. Graduate School

5.1. Obtain strong professional knowledge in theoretical justice

5.1.1. Attach theoretical principles to real life

5.1.2. Research and conduct studies on specified area of interest

5.2. Master fluency in Arabic

5.2.1. Undestand Arabic language fully

5.2.2. Understand cultural aspects of the language

5.2.3. Combine language abilities and criminal justice

5.3. Serve as police officer for NYPD

5.3.1. Gain intermediate experience in Law Enforcement

5.3.2. Better understand police environment

5.3.3. Gain perspective of law and society

5.4. Apply for agent position in linguistics for FBI

5.4.1. Submit application

5.4.2. Show experience in foreign language and criminal justice

6. Senior Year

6.1. Do Honors Capstone

6.1.1. Conduct original research relating to my major

6.1.2. Gain extensive research experience

6.1.3. Apply what I learned in course to real life

6.2. Finish undergraduate degree

6.2.1. Complete all requires courses

6.2.2. Maintain a high GPA until graduation

6.3. Obtain more fellowships and scholarships

6.3.1. Critical Language Scholarship Program

6.3.2. Fulbright U.S. Student Program

6.3.3. George Marshall Scholarship

6.4. Begin training with NYPD

6.4.1. Go through training program

6.4.2. Obtain policing skills

6.4.3. Gain beginner experience in Law Enforcement

6.5. Obtain Internships with justice-oriented organizations

6.5.1. Gain perspective on the systems of law enforcement, corrections, adjudication, prison life, or reentry,

6.5.2. Establish connections with those field-related organizations

6.5.3. Apply educational experiences with real-life practices

7. Plan B: Department of Homeland Security

7.1. Exert professionalism in DHS

7.1.1. Take educational experience in Criminal Justice to use towards work

7.2. Obtain professional experience in field

7.2.1. Explore and understand the workings of DHS and experience the inner workings to establish a standing

7.3. maintain a long and successful career

7.3.1. Put together all abilities, experiences, practices, and knowledge to be successful in work and overall career

7.4. Use proficiency in Arabic to contribute to homeland security

7.4.1. Apply fluency towards translation, deciphering, interpreting data to identify and deter sources of terror and disharmony