Social Media and Marketing for Business

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Social Media and Marketing for Business by Mind Map: Social Media and Marketing for Business

1. Everyone is on social media

1.1. Because everyone is on social media it is easy for people to communicate with you and build relationships with you. The more people that you can build relationships in online communities, it makes it easier for people to feel welcomed and making them feel connected with the product or market that you're selling in the business world.

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2. Marketing by Bloggers

2.1. The more that well-known bloggers know about your product, the more that they can start giving reviews and promoting your product because they don't know you anything

2.2. Ex. Favorite fashion blogger named @somethingnavy has a blog and then she promotes different fashion brands that now pay her because she has so many followers and so many people listen to what she has to say about fashion

3. Facebook

3.1. It's really easy for everyone to have a one on one communication platform with someone and to connect with someone because it can be made more personal

3.2. Instead of personally sending things to specific people, it makes it easier because it makes sense that you can post your product to show everyone and market it with hashtags as well

3.3. It is easy as well to promote your product by offering coupons or rewards by bringing in a coupon or product.

3.3.1. Ex. the restaurant I used to work for used to give coupons on Facebook and promote the Facebook site online because it was a good way to get returning customers especially if you have good product.

4. Market to Consumers

4.1. Who you want to target the consumer and know the type of product and where it is going to sell best and market those consumers

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4.2. By using all different social media sites to make sure you connect with your consumers and your target market

5. Take advantage of social media services

5.1. Because people aren't looking into the traditional type of advertising it helps that most business people are into social media because this is the best and easiest way to connect with people.

5.1.1. Destinations

5.2. It is very easy for something on social media to go viral and if your product gets shared enough through all these different platforms it can be a huge advantage to your product that you're selling

5.3. You can focus on specific people to market or advertise while you make a focused page on your product with people that are interested in it.

6. LinkedIn

6.1. I use this because it is a very important social media platform for business not as much when it comes to marketing a product but almost works as a marketing for ourselves

6.2. Making sure that people are marketing themselves in the fields that they are good at and companies being able to see if they are capable of working for them.

6.3. Companies are also able to connect with one another rather than companies that are not any what alike each other. they can market their businesses even if they are a small company.

7. Customer Feedback

7.1. The easiest way for a customer to complain or give an immediate feedback is a great thing for people and the company to see how the company can handle these things where the world can see it

7.1.1. Destinations

7.2. I had a flight from Greece to Chicago completely delayed and was given no reason for the delay and then they made it easily and I missed my connecting flight in Canada so I tweeted talking badly about Air Canada and immediately they emailed me with my problem and put it into account that I had an important interview that I was supposed to attend and by them not holding the plane I had to stay in Canada over night. Gave me a credit and I made sure on Twitter they knew that they took care of it and everyone else that follows me.

8. Twitter

8.1. Twitter does an amazing job with constantly updating people with things

8.1.1. Destinations

8.2. Companies can have their Twtter accounts and let them be run by the company to make sure that their updates and promotions and job offers are being posted so people who are interested in the company and their product can be notified immediately if they follow them