Online Advertising thru social media.

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Online Advertising thru social media. by Mind Map: Online Advertising thru social media.

1. Updating your FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram

1.1. Having a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram does not cost you any money and the better you knowing how to appeal to your customers the better off your business is going to be.

1.2. When your company is known for having a funny "twitter" or a very informative "Facebook" or having awesome pictures on "instagram" you are getting free advertising, and you are building your brand for free.

2. Evolving your advertising with the ever changing internet.

2.1. Identifying who your target audience is and knowing what websites they are on the most, and what social networking sites they are using the most as well.

2.2. For example a company that is trying to appeal to my parents might spend more advertising on Facebook, but somebody who is younger in their teens might be using snap chat more, or instagram. All of that is up to the company to figure out.

3. Identifying who your target audience is.

3.1. It is vitally important to know who your target audience is because than you can decide who to advertise to.

3.2. After you know who your target audience is you can decide what media platforms to use and how to advertise using them.

4. Being different from the rest of your competition with online advertising.

4.1. Very important to make yourself different because you want something to grab the consumers attention to remember your company.

4.2. Coming up with clever hashtags on twitter, or even posting a funny picture can help your company be different than your competion

5. Getting consumers involved

5.1. Making the consumer feel involved is always very important because it makes your company feel customized to them.

5.2. You can do this like have customers submit videos to youtube, or have them post pictures with a certain hashtag, and all this will do is create more buzz about your company and get free advertising.

6. Reviews (online)

6.1. Companies Such as yelp and google reviews are very important for businesses success.

6.2. Having people communicate and talk about your business (if positive) online are doing you a huge favor because that is free marketing.

7. Social Networking

7.1. Talking to other businesses that share your same model, or even looking to learn new ideas are very important, Social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Blogs, etc, all provide that opportunity to do that.

7.2. All while you are talking with other business trying to get better, you are also advertising your company at the same time, and other people are too, which is free advertising.