Food mapping of pears

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Pears by Mind Map: Pears

1. Overseen by the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA)

1.1. Destinations

2. Grown in Argentina

2.1. One of the world's largest producers of Pears

2.1.1. Grown on large scale farms Owned by just a few companies Sent to large distribution centers Sold Locally Work Contracted to farmers

2.1.2. Grown in different varieties from January to Mid November

2.1.3. Canadian import numbers increase during our winter months, when local pears cannot be harvested or grown.

3. Grown in Ontario

3.1. Sold from farms

3.1.1. Distribution centers Sold to restaurants Small Orders Medium Batch Used for desserts and salads Sold to Grocery stores in Bulk Sent to central warehouses

3.1.2. Local and rural sales On site sales Fruit Stands Farmers Markets

3.2. 300 Metric Tonnes Exported Annually

3.3. Market production decreasing, due in part to import expansion and price.

3.4. Canada Argi-Food Inspection Agency has various guidelines for pesticides use, harvesting guidelines, and handling guidelines.