Nature Conservation

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Nature Conservation by Mind Map: Nature Conservation

1. Preemptive Curriulum

1.1. How plants work

1.1.1. Photosynthesis

1.1.2. Cloning

1.2. Native Plants

1.2.1. Physical Descriptions

1.3. Native and Migratory Birds

1.3.1. Physical features

1.3.2. Songs and Calls

1.4. Pollination

1.4.1. What is pollination? What wouldn't we have without pollinators?

1.4.2. Pollinators What pollinators pollinate what?

2. Birding

2.1. How to use binoculars

2.2. How to identify Birds

2.2.1. Physical features

2.2.2. Songs

3. Field Techinques

3.1. Data Collection

3.1.1. How to collect data for plant life

3.1.2. How to collect data for wildlife

3.1.3. Where does the data go? Bureau Of Land Management

4. Future Career Opportunities

4.1. Internships

4.2. Post-High School Educational Opportunities

4.3. Careers within the field

4.4. The importance of Conservation careers