Teacher and learner`s role

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Teacher and learner`s role by Mind Map: Teacher and learner`s role

1. Defined by the interaction in classroom with the students: . Define the types of functions . Degree of control that teachers have in the learning process . Degree of control in the content to be taugth . Interactional patterns between teacher and learner

2. . It depends on how much instruction do students have received and the influence in the learning process

3. Learner roles

3.1. .Learners plan and assume their own learning process .Learners monitor their learning. .Learners are members of a group and interact with the members of it .Learners tutor other learners .Learners learn from teacher, students and teaching resources (Jhonson & Paulston, 1976)

4. Teacher roles

4.1. For some methods, the role of teacher has been specified in detail.