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The Conditionals by Mind Map: The Conditionals
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The Conditionals

Special constructions

They are typically used in commercial English to emphasize the fac that the condition is very unlikey.

Type 2

Examples: Should the letter arrive this week, please answer it immediately. Should Fred die tomorrow, we would miss him.

They emphasize improbability

IF-clause: should + inversion

MAIN: conditional or imperative

If only/I wish...

There is a special mindmap for I wish/if only... sentences. They are not real conditional sentences, but are similar to them in structure.

Basic structure

They consist of a MAIN CLAUSE and an IF-CLAUE

The IF-clause expresses the condition itself

It is normally introduced by the conjunction "if"

Other conjunctions may be used:, as long as, provided/providing, unless, Meaning: "if not", in case, not really a conditional

The main clause expresses the result of the condition


Type Zero, General or universal conditions, IF-clause: if + present simple, MAIN: present simple

Type One, Probable conditions, IF-clause: if + present simple, MAIN: future

Type Three, Conditions in the past (impossible), IF-clause: if + past perfect, MAIN: conditional perfect

Type Two, Unreal or improbable, IF-clause: if + past simple, MAIN:conditional