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Parts of plants by Mind Map: Parts of plants

1. Root

1.1. Absorbs nutrients and water from the soil

1.2. Stores food created through photosynthesis

1.3. Anchors and supports the plant

2. Stem

2.1. Carries water to the parts of the plant

2.2. Directs the leaves to light source

2.3. Acts as the respiratory system for the plant

3. Leaves

3.1. Produce food for the plant from sunlight

3.2. Allows the plant to absorb water and minerals from the soil and conduct the same to the top of the plant

3.3. Stores water and minerals for the future of the plant

4. Petals

4.1. Attract insects and mammals to the flower for pollination

4.2. Landing platform for pollinators

4.3. Protects the plant from certain predators by repelling them with its aroma

5. Flower

5.1. The primary purpose of the flower is reproduction

5.2. Produces pollen

5.3. Fertilizes and produces seeds