The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood

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The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood by Mind Map: The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood

1. Character Map

1.1. Creighton Brown

1.1.1. Charlotte Brown: Mom Colonel Gower Brother

1.1.2. Harry Brown: Father

1.2. Sir Edward Lyndon: Gentleman Suitor

1.3. Lieutenant Hale

1.4. Captain Pierce

1.5. Peter: Crew member of the Revenge/Big and Slow

1.6. Benedict Arnold: General of the Continental Army

1.7. Sophie: French Girl Staying with Franklin

1.8. Benjamin Franklin

1.9. Jean Billouart: Thief in the Stockades

2. Setting Map

2.1. England

2.1.1. Tavern

2.1.2. Home

2.1.3. Execution

2.2. Ships Crossing Atlantic

2.2.1. Amity

2.3. Carolina: For a moment

2.4. Headed to Florida on the Amity

2.5. Revenge: A "rebel" ship

2.6. New Orleans

2.6.1. Benjamin Franklin's House The Printing Shop

2.6.2. The Cabildo

2.7. Florida

2.7.1. Tavern: to get to almanac

2.7.2. Penascola

2.7.3. Prison: St Marks

3. Vocab List

3.1. Chapters 1 - 14 Test date: 10/29

3.1.1. transgressions idle subversive indignant amiably indentured rancid peevishly rotund demure mundane indignant sacrilegious cryptic morbid antagonize indentured shrewd raucous infernal

4. Depth and Complexity Icons

4.1. Main Ideas Ch 1-3

4.1.1. Creighton is an undisciplined kid who drinks and gambles when not supposed to Spoiled brat

4.1.2. Charlotte Brown (Mom) calls for people to abduct him and go to to colonies to learn some discipline

4.1.3. There is potential in Creighton

4.1.4. Sometimes hardtimes and sacrifices will help you reach you goal

4.2. Unanswered Questions

4.2.1. Will Creighton keep help Colonel Gower and spy for the side?

4.2.2. Does Dr. Franklin know that Creighton is not on their side?

4.2.3. Will Benedict Arnold betray the Americans

4.3. SWABS Ch #13

4.3.1. Somebody

4.3.2. Wanted

4.3.3. But

4.3.4. So

5. Reading Journal

5.1. JOURNAL 1 : Today is one of the worst days of my life! I can’t stand it. Colonel Gower said to me, “ You’re among the enemy. You are expected to learn anything you can about them.” This is unfair. Why would I do that. I’m not an indentured. Why is he giving me orders. I don’t even know him. To make matters worse, Peter is scaring me. He is so big he could smash me with his foot. Then he decides to come in here when I say that I don’t like company. All he does is ignore me and talk about his big feet. I mean, who wants to hear about that? I should’ve just jumped off the boat and killed myself while I had the chance.

5.2. JOURNAL 2: In chapters 16 and 17, Creighton changes his loyalties from the British to the colonies. The major events that led him to changing his loyalties was when Dr. Franklin died and when he realized that the British were not as good as he thought they were. Also, when Creighton was hit on the head with the gun by Gower, he wanted to get revenge. The plan that they came up with was to feed false info towards the British and cooperate with Spanish so that they could find Washington.

5.3. JOURNAL 3: At the end of the book, I think that Creighton does become a hero because first, he saved his father, second, he got info that the Patriots needed. Third, he helped Franklin out to save his life, and lastly, he has chosen the right side. These are all reasons why Creighton has become a hero. He has shown bravery and determination when the patriots needed the most. He also had saved so many peoples lives.

6. Final Predictions:

6.1. They are going to find a way to get Harry Brown out of prison

6.2. They are going to lose in Pensacola

6.3. Harry Brown might know where Washingotn is

6.4. The Americans will lose the war

6.5. The rebels are going to retaliate