The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood

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The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood by Mind Map: The Year of the Hangman By Gary Blackwood

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Chapters 1 - 14 Test date: 10/29

1.1.1. transgressions idle subversive indignant amiably indentured rancid peevishly rotund demure mundane indignant sacrilegious cryptic morbid antagonize indentured shrewd raucous infernal

2. Character Map

2.1. Sir Edward Lyndon: Gentlemen Suiter

2.2. Creighton Brown

2.2.1. Charlotte Brown: Mom Colonel Gower:Brother

2.2.2. Harry Brown: Father

2.3. Lieutenant Hale

2.4. Captain Pierce: Amity Captain /Died in Chapter 4

2.5. Benedict Arnold:General of the Continental Army

2.6. Peter: Crew member of the revenge/Big and Slow

2.7. Sophie: French Girl Staying with Franklin

2.8. Bergman Franklin

2.9. Jean Billouart: Thief in the stockades

3. Setting

3.1. England

3.1.1. Home

3.1.2. Tavern

3.1.3. Excution

3.2. Ships Crossing Atlantic

3.2.1. Amity

3.3. Carolina: For a moment

3.4. Headed to Florida on the Amity

3.5. Revenge: A "Rebel" Ship

3.6. New Orleans

3.6.1. Bergman Franklin's House

3.6.2. The Cabildo

3.7. Florida

3.7.1. Pencola

3.7.2. Tavern to get the almanac

4. Dept & Complexity Icons

4.1. Main Ideas Ch 1-3

4.1.1. Do what ever it takes to reach your goals

4.1.2. Rebellious Teenager Spoiled

4.1.3. Unthankful

4.2. Unanswered Questions Ch 5-8

4.2.1. Where Will Creighton go after he has committed to his deal with Franklin?

4.2.2. Do you think Creighton will eventually fall in love with Sophie?

4.2.3. Will Benedict Arnold Betray the Americans?

4.2.4. How will Creighton help Gower and Hale? Will he help them?

4.3. Details Ch 19-20

4.3.1. "Your implying that i'm a spy too and I resent it" - Creighton

4.3.2. "Well you should questions the person who asked it."

5. Journal #1:

5.1. I was on my way home from gambling a sweet deal. I’m not going to lie.I was a little drunk and queasy for all those cigars and alcohol in my system. I was struck instantly on the back of my head, then again on my mouth. I had blanked out and woke up sorely on a ship.When I had woken up a man name Lieutenant Hale. When we had gotten off I realized i was in Carolina I had met a man named Coleonol Gower he gave me a note from my mother saying that my behavior was terrible. So my uncle and I had decided that we’re going to the Florida, but our ship was under attacked by Pirateers and I was not the nephew of the Colonel Gower but instead I was a bound boy.Not with all the mistakes I have done.

6. Journal #2:

6.1. After I woke up I felt really stupid and dumb.How could I do such a thing. Franklin is now dead just because I was giving him some resourceful information. As I watched the old man be buried I was wondering how to give my so called uncle back on this traumatizing event for taking everything I had. My father, mother, and now Franklin. Now I’m going to give him false information and going to beat everyone of his last men to death with the Spanish.

7. Final Predictions

7.1. They are going to find a way to rescue his dad

7.2. Harry Brown might know where Washington is.

7.3. I think that Harry Brown will return to England to his Family

8. Journal #3

8.1. In the end of this chapter I think that Creighton has become a hero. One reason is because he rescued his dad,took a bullet for his team, and has given up his room for his dad even though he was injured. After he is healed he and the Spanish went to war and ended the book with him going off.