The Year of The Hangman BY: Gary Blackwood

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The Year of The Hangman BY: Gary Blackwood by Mind Map: The Year of The Hangman BY: Gary Blackwood

1. Character Map

1.1. Creighton Brown

1.1.1. Charlotte Brown: Mother Colonel Gower: Uncle

1.1.2. Harry Brown: Father

1.2. Sir Edward Lyndon: Gentleman Suitor

1.3. Lieutenant Hail

1.4. Captain Pierce: Amity caption. Died in chapter #4

1.5. Peter: crew member of the Revenge /Big and Slow

1.6. Sophie: French girl staying with Franklin.

1.7. Benjamin Franklin

1.8. Jean Billouart : Thief in Stockades

2. Setting Map

2.1. England

2.1.1. Tavern

2.1.2. Home

2.1.3. Execution

2.2. Ships Crossing Atlantic

2.2.1. Amity

2.3. Carolina : For a moment

2.4. Headed to Florida on the amity

2.5. Revenge: A "rebel" Ship

2.6. New Orleans

2.6.1. Benjamin Franklin's house

2.6.2. The Cabildo

2.7. Florida

2.7.1. Tavern- To Get Map

2.7.2. St. Marks

3. Vocabulary

3.1. Chapters 1 - 14 Test date: 10/29

3.2. transgressions idle subversive indignant amiably indentured rancid peevishly rotund demure mundane indignant sacrilegious cryptic morbid antagonize indentured shrewd raucous infernal

4. Depth & Complexity

4.1. Creighton being sent to the colonies.

4.2. Rebellious teenager

4.3. There is a potential in Creighton

4.3.1. There is a potential in Creighton

4.4. Sometimes hard times and sacrifices help your goal

4.5. Unanswered Questions Ch 5-8

4.5.1. Will Benedict Arnold still betray Americans?

4.5.2. Will Creighton do well as a printer?

4.5.3. How will Creighton help Gower and Hale? Will he help them?

4.6. Multiple Perspectives

4.6.1. Creighton

4.6.2. Hale:

4.7. Details Ch 19-20

4.7.1. "You're implying that 'm a spy too and I resent it."

5. Reading Journal

5.1. Journal #1: Journal Prompt: Year Of The Hangman He wanted me to pretend to act as an indentured servant? I don’t fit the part at all. They won’t fall for this foolishness. I don’t sound like one, nor do I look like one. Hopefully they fall for this. I’ll I have to lose is my life? Or I’ll use an accent! That should totally fool them. How could mother do this to me. I could have acted right if she would have let me know this was going to happen.

6. SWABS Ch #13

6.1. Somebody

6.2. Wanted

6.3. But

6.4. So

7. Final Predictions

7.1. They are going to find a way to get Harry Brown out of prison

7.2. Harry Brown knows where Washington is and this will lead to a rebel victory