Mindfull Brain = Healthy Brain

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Mindfull Brain = Healthy Brain by Mind Map: Mindfull Brain = Healthy Brain

1. Stronger Immune system.

1.1. Faster healing!

1.2. Quicker recovery from diseases, ilnesses

2. Mindfulness has a noticable influence on our brain, and you dont need a lot to help your brain work much better. It can be only 12 to 20 minutes a day to really see the difference!

3. By practicing mindfulness and mindful meditation we can achieve an interesting result, which is decreasing the size of Amygdala . This small part of the brain is responsible for "negative emotions as well as for "fight or fly"syndrom. It's our own alarm bell

3.1. By shrinking this part of the brain we can prevent anxiety, negative emotions or panic attacks.

3.2. Lower stress level can help you with pimples !

4. More positive emotions

4.1. Greater happiness

5. More gamma waves

5.1. Less Ï" thinking which can help you with opening to yourself, at the same time not taking everything so personally.

5.1.1. Perspective

5.2. Better, clearer perspective

6. Increased Awareness!

7. Long term meditators have measurably thicker cortex tissue in:

7.1. frontal lobes - regulation of tension, emotions like empathy

7.2. Hipocampus- putting things in perspective, calming, NEUROGENESIS creating new neurons

8. More synapses and neurons.

8.1. Better learning skills

8.2. Personal Developement!

8.3. In this case the more the better!

9. Focusing skills

9.1. Learning from experiences

9.2. Remembering

9.3. Attention

9.4. Concentration

10. Anti-aging

10.1. Protection from old age diseases as: Alzheimer