Tim's Awesome Life

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Tim's Awesome Life by Mind Map: Tim's Awesome Life

1. Generalized Interests

1.1. Human Rights

1.1.1. Legal Obligations for Business Corporations Discrimination/Worker Rights Corporate Governance International Business Transactions International Merger + Acquisitions Obligations that do not infringe human rights Will utilize this knowledge for Truman application and other foundations of law. United Nations Peacekeeping, UNIDO, Environmental Governance

1.2. Internships

1.2.1. Congressman Crowley District Office Gather recommendations for other internships through relationships that i established

1.2.2. Dorsey & Whitney LLP Law Firm Internship Will utilize my contacts here because they are all from either Harvard, SJU, Yale, and Stanford. Regional Director/her assistant have written 3 page recommendations that I can use for law school and other internships. Also, can use them for Summer Law programs when I am in law school.

1.2.3. Department of State Internships Foreign Service Internship One of many prestigious internships which will make me a distinct candidate for law school. Will proceed to apply for Truman Diplomacy Fellows - If become Truman Scholar Might do an additional internship with DA office if I do not receive the internship in the Foreign Service; or the Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program

2. Programs

2.1. JFEW Scholar

2.1.1. Will use the networks from Career Center to obtain recommendations, departmental awards, and other scholarships + fellowships.

2.2. Honors Program

2.3. McNair

2.3.1. Will not apply if I get into Model UN; received acceptance as of 10/23/15

2.4. Presidential Fellowship

2.4.1. Will use Model United Nations and Center of International Human Rights as foundations to lead me here. Will apply at the end of my sophomore year. This will open doors and connections to help me decide where I want to be after or before Law School. President Travis' mentorship will be helpful. *Must work on public speaking skills ASAP for this internship to go well.

2.5. Presidential Management Fellows

2.5.1. After, or in the middle of law school I will apply here to set the foundation of whether I want to stay in governmental jobs and work in the Democracy and Human Rights bureau, or leave public service and enter the private sector.

2.6. Truman Scholar

2.6.1. Will consult with Professor Remeza, Evan Mandery, and Charles Davidson to help me create a proposal. Remeza knows a lot about Citizens United as common law to incorporate into my proposal.

2.7. Rhodes Scholar

2.7.1. If i obtain Truman, I will apply for Rhodes to study at Oxford for Business in Human Rights

2.8. Innocent Fellowship

2.8.1. Will use as a backup if I do not receive any of the internships I want.

2.9. Pre-Law Programs

2.9.1. Will apply for the Boot Camps to ground me in experience for law school

2.10. Research Undergraduate Fellowship

2.10.1. Will apply for when application goes up to ground myself in research experience if I do not obtain the internship @ the Department of State.

2.11. Study Abroad

2.11.1. Applied through Hunter College to study in Florence, Italy for Winter 2015. Will study history of humanitarian crises to expand my exposure and knowledge in the humanities to equip me for international work.

3. Classes

3.1. Law Based

3.1.1. Argumentative Writing

3.1.2. Logic Games

3.1.3. Legal Writing

3.1.4. Critical Thinking

3.1.5. Advanced Legal Writing Human Rights International Human Rights Human Rights and Culture International Organizations Human Rights in Latin America Professors James Head Nina Rose Fisher All of these classes will build my writing, critical thinking skills for law school / LSAT. May change my minor from Human Rights to Writing as my major is already Human Rights focused. Writing will provide me with the opportunity to take writing courses.

4. Law Schools

4.1. Columbia Law

4.1.1. For Human Rights + Corporate Governance specializations #2 choice for law school because of human rights + corporate governance classes.

4.2. Harvard Law

4.2.1. Business in Human Rights specialization; This is #1 on the list for my interest.

4.3. UChicago

4.3.1. #3 - For joint degree in International Relations and Jd.