Web Awareness

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Ethical Issues

1.1. Digital Etiquette

1.1.1. Ownership Cyberbullying Amanda Todd Social Media Participation

1.1.2. Privacy Internet not private Posts can be fund

1.1.3. Identity Internet Trolls Sexual Predators Trusthworthiness

1.2. Digital Footprint

1.2.1. Reputation Expression Bad Reputation "Think before you click"

1.2.2. No Privacy Facebook Twitter Instagram Google Search

1.3. Using Technology Wisely

1.3.1. "Think before you click"

2. Internet Safety

2.1. "Netiquette"

2.1.1. The Golden Rule Treat others how you want to be treated

2.1.2. Communicating over Internet Who are they? Sexual Preditors

2.2. Personal Publishing

2.2.1. Free Speech

2.2.2. Audience Who can see this?

2.2.3. Copyright

2.3. Personal Information

2.3.1. Never give real information Names Credit Card Information Addresses Age

2.3.2. Trust no one Be Safe Could be criminal Sexual Predators

2.3.3. Change Passwords Frequently

2.4. Your whole life can be available online

2.5. Sexually Explicit Material

2.5.1. Pornography It is everywhere! Music TV Shows Movies Internet

2.5.2. Response to Viewing Teach Media Literacy Talk about event Filters

3. Authenticity

3.1. Fact or Folly

3.2. E-mail Validity

3.2.1. Valid E-mail Address

3.2.2. Valid Sender

3.3. Evaluating

3.3.1. Currency

3.3.2. Objectivity

3.3.3. Authority Who is the author? Any Biases?

3.3.4. Coverage

3.3.5. Accuarcy When was it last updated? Spelling Mistakes Reliable Sources

4. Copyright

4.1. Fair Use

4.1.1. Intellectual Property

4.1.2. Respect Credit Cite

4.2. Authorship

4.2.1. Rephrasing Not giving credit to author

4.2.2. Copy and Paste

4.2.3. Unethical