Ancient Greek Art So Far

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Ancient Greek Art So Far by Mind Map: Ancient Greek Art So Far

1. Dark Ages

1.1. Types of Vases

1.1.1. Kylix

1.1.2. Krater

1.1.3. Amphora

1.1.4. Leykthos

1.1.5. Hydria

1.1.6. Oenchoe

1.2. Geometric Pottery

1.2.1. Early Geometric 800 BCE Geometric; unrealistic

1.2.2. Late Geometric Dipylon Vase 750 BCE, Athens, 5'1" Trasitionary Piece Grave marker for noble Athenian woman Greater artistic content Funeral procession

1.3. Six characteristics

1.3.1. horror vacui

1.3.2. rigid division into order

1.3.3. geometric shapes

1.3.4. 3 horizontal lines as seperation

1.3.5. most important scene between handles

1.3.6. people still crude shapes

1.4. Architecture

1.4.1. None - no time

1.5. Sculpture

1.5.1. Very basic small bronzes - Lapids

1.6. Frescoes

1.6.1. None - no desire

2. Archaic

2.1. Ceramics

2.1.1. Red Figure 530 BCE Figures red on black background Details created via painting Easier to do curves More realistic More detailed Lines can overlap Control textures Andokides 530-520 BCE Transitional piece Bilingual vase

2.1.2. Black Figure 500 BCE Figures black on red background Details created via scratching Only very basic details Not realistic No curves Could chip clay Exekias 540-530 BCE Changes from Protocorinthian Just prior to the classical age of theatre Acceptance of gods will

2.2. 800-480 BCE

3. Importance

3.1. spread Greek culture throughout Mediterranean

3.1.1. other cultures adopt Greek customs Gods theatre Myths