Ancient Greek Pottery

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Ancient Greek Pottery by Mind Map: Ancient Greek Pottery

1. Dark Ages (1200-800 BCE)

1.1. Ceramics

1.1.1. had six different types of pots that they used Hydria,Lekythos,Krater,Amphora,Kylix,Oenoche

1.1.2. They had ceramics

1.2. Frecoes

1.2.1. did not have time when conquering

1.2.2. No Frescoes

1.3. Sculptures

1.3.1. Only small sculptures

1.4. Architecture

1.4.1. No architecture

1.4.2. only had buildings tht helped with war because they did not have time when conquering.

2. Archaic Age (800-476 BCE)

2.1. They had more Architecture,Frescoes,Scultures and Ceramics

2.1.1. New node

2.2. People started to settle down so they had more time for art

2.3. They invented Red-Figure and Black-Figure pottery in the Archaic Ages

2.3.1. Black-Figure is when the artist has to scratch on details onto the art and they have to becareful to not chip the paint.

2.3.2. Red-Figure(530 BCE) is when the artist paints on the detail and doesn't haveto worry about the paint chipping off it also looks more realistic than Black-Figure.