Web Awareness

Project for ED 3508 Sources taken from http://ed3508.weebly.com/5-web-awareness.html

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Web Awareness by Mind Map: Web Awareness

1. Copyright

1.1. Authorship

1.1.1. Understand who owns material

1.1.2. Understand what you can and cannot use

1.2. Fair Use

1.2.1. Small portions can be used (must be cited)

1.2.2. Dangers of "copy and paste"

1.3. Teach how to utilize resources appropriately

1.3.1. Citing sources

1.3.2. Teachers should model

1.3.3. Implications of using pirated material

2. Privacy

2.1. Geotracking

2.1.1. Posts online can be connected and tracked

2.2. Audience is never restricted

2.3. All posts are permanently available online

2.3.1. Future employers etc. can see

3. Authenticity

3.1. Not authentic

3.1.1. Biases

3.1.2. Not supported by evidence

3.1.3. Not properly cited

3.2. Awareness of authenticity

3.2.1. Guidelines on how to recognize unreliable content

3.2.2. Show examples

4. Internet Safety

4.1. Through media

4.1.1. Twisted body image

4.1.2. False portrayals of... Individuals Groups of people Situations and events

4.1.3. Marketing and advertising target children

4.1.4. Who owns what?

4.1.5. Exposure to violence

4.2. Dangers of the internet

4.2.1. Cyberbullying Verbal and emotional abuse

4.2.2. Privacy violation

4.2.3. Pornography

4.2.4. Sexting

4.2.5. Online hate

4.2.6. Excessive use Students should be involved in making guidelines to follow

5. Digital Citizenship

5.1. Respect Yourself

5.1.1. Protect yourself online

5.1.2. Digital footprint

5.1.3. Know what you do online, it matters

5.1.4. Develop media literacy

5.2. Respect Intellectual Property

5.3. Respect Others

5.3.1. Do no be solely consumers

5.3.2. Participate, create, share, etc.

5.3.3. Be ethical in your... Behavior Thinking Core Participation

6. Netiquette

6.1. The internet is not private

6.2. Avoid sarcasm and other humor

6.3. Would you say it in person?

6.4. Avoid "flaming"

6.5. Be clear and formal

6.6. Ask permission before posting personal information of others