Dark Age Greek Art and Archaeic Age Art

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Dark Age Greek Art and Archaeic Age Art by Mind Map: Dark Age Greek Art and Archaeic Age Art

1. Archaeic Age Art

1.1. Red figure

1.1.1. began in 530 BCE

1.1.2. virtually the same methof as black figure, except the background stays black

1.1.3. advantages paint fine detail lines can overlap can paint in expression can control texture more naturalistic look

1.2. Black figure

1.2.1. Sawdust and manure are added to the kiln. the oxygen level decreases, figure turns black, oxygen level rises, everything except for figure turns red.

1.2.2. disadvantages no fine detail lines can't overlap no expression no texture changes less natural looking details have to be scratched in

2. Dark Age Greek Art

2.1. Vases

2.1.1. Hydria used to pour water or other liquids.

2.1.2. Lekythos used to pour oil

2.1.3. Krater to mix water and wine

2.1.4. Amphora to store both liquids and dry goods

2.1.5. Kylix a drinking cup

2.1.6. Oenochoe pouring jug

3. Six characteristics of art

3.1. 1) horror vacui

3.2. 2) rigid division of vase into a rational and balence

3.3. 3) the use of geometric shapes

3.4. 4) three horizantal lines seperate each change of direction

3.5. 5) the most important scene is placed between the handles where the vase swells out

3.6. 6) people and animals on vases constructed out of crude geometric parts