Dark Age and Archaic Age

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Dark Age and Archaic Age by Mind Map: Dark Age and Archaic Age

1. The six type of ceramic vases.

1.1. Hydria=to pour water or liquids, Lekythos=used to pour oil, Krater=to mix water & wine, Amphora=to store liquids and dry goods, Kylix= drinking cup, and Oenochoe=paring jug usually for taking mix water & wine and puring it into a Kylix.

2. The six characteristics of Greek vase painting

2.1. 1) Horror vacui= The artist need to fill in every little space with some sort of decoration. Rectiliner= A type of pottery where things revolve around rectengular forms. 2) Rigid division of a vase into a rational and balanced order. 3) The use of Deometric shapes= Triangules ( houndsteeth) Greek meander, diamonds and circles are uncommon in Athenian art work. 4) Three horizontal lines separate each change of decoration. 5) The most important scene is placed between the handles where the vase swells out. This brings the scene into the viewers space abnd the handles frame it. 6) People and animals on the vase are constructed out of crude geometric parts.

2.1.1. New node

3. Red figure

3.1. The style developed around 530-520 BCE. The backround is black and artist paint over the black, the figures stay red.

3.2. Black Figure

3.2.1. Hard to scratch of the ink in order to make details. The figures stay black while the backround is red.

3.2.2. Red figure vs. Black figure In red figure it is easy to paint in detail and draw curvey lines. Artist can overlap details and it is possible to paint emotions. The figures look more human - kind. The black figure vases have alot of disadvantages. It is hard to scratch curvey lines on the figure. It is very hard to make detail and the figures dont look human kind. The black figures don't show much emotion

4. Amphore vase history ft. "Ajax and Achilles"

4.1. The picture on the vase is like a stage. Ajaz and Achilles are hunched over a small box and are playing dice is that they don't know what to expect just like in the Trojan war. They are both great warriors of the Trojan war. Unfortunatly, they both die while fighting.

4.2. Andokides vs. Ekesis Amphore vase ft "Ajax and Achilles"

4.2.1. Andokides's vase is billingual which means one side is black fugure and the other is red figure. Red figure is much more natural. Ekesis's vase is just black figure,also in Ekesis's vase Ajaz and Achilles are really hunched over and their spears are togther.However, in Andokides's vase Ajaz and Achilles actually look like strong men and their spears are a little separated and they are not as hunched over.