Standards and Objectives of ELL Programs

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Standards and Objectives of ELL Programs by Mind Map: Standards and Objectives of ELL Programs

1. Standard #4: Students that began the program since kindergarten are very proficient in their second language by the fifth grade in the areas of reading and writing

1.1. Teaching Strategy #4

2. Standard #3: Second language learners are held to the same high expectations that all of the other students are held to

2.1. Teaching Strategy #3

3. Standard #2: The program mainly focuses on cognitive and affective focus rather than cultural and linguistic areas

3.1. Teaching Strategy #2

4. Standard #1: To transition students to speaking and understanding the English language as quickly as possible

4.1. Teaching Strategy #1

5. Standard #4: Students will demonstrate positive and cross cultural attitudes

5.1. Teaching Strategy #4

6. Standard #3: Academic Performance will be at or above grade level

6.1. Teaching Strategy #3

7. Standard #2: Students will develop a high level of proficiency in their second language

7.1. Teaching Strategy #2

8. Standard #1: Students will become proficient in their native language

8.1. Teaching Strategy #1

9. Two-Way Immersion/Dual Language program

10. Transitional Bilingual Education