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Archaic Age by Mind Map: Archaic Age
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Archaic Age

End of Dark Ages

people settled down, formed villages, divided labor, etc.

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Before the Archaic Age was the Dark Age.

Beginning of Archaic Age

Development of the alphabet, the Greeks became literate.

The Odyssey and Illiad were probably very quickly written down.


Greeks began to produce many ceramics because they needed to trade in order to attain food, for their land was not suitable for grain. They traded wine, olive oil, and ceramics for food which was necessary especially since they were sedentary and feeding a larger population.

Pottery was spread to those who bought it. (Romans) Their culture, myths, gods, dress, etc. was spread.

Black Figure Vases

Created by Corinthians.

Designs were scratched in.

Exekias' Black Figure Vase

Black Figure vases made it difficult to express human like emotions, for the designs had to be scratched in and couldn't be too close together because otherwise the clay would chip.

Connected to plays/theatre

Red Figure Vases

530 BCE.

Red underneath, painted with black on top. (Can paint rather than scratch)

Easier to paint human like emotions than scratch. Easier to paint fine details. Lines can overlap.

Much more realistic and natural.

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Bilingual Amphoras such as Andokides' piece.