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Archaic Age by Mind Map: Archaic Age

1. Beginning of Archaic Age

1.1. Development of the alphabet, the Greeks became literate.

1.2. The Odyssey and Illiad were probably very quickly written down.

2. Black Figure Vases

2.1. Created by Corinthians.

2.2. Designs were scratched in.

2.3. Exekias' Black Figure Vase

2.3.1. Was created between 540 and 530 BCE.

2.3.2. Was about two warriors playing the game of dice, which resembled war since they both were about chances.

2.3.3. The archaic smile of Achilles showed that he didn't care about his prophecy and fate because he accepted it and knew it wasn't in his hands.

2.3.4. Achilles was given a prophecy by the gods stating that he would become a hero, though live a short life if he goes to war. If he doesn't he will be a nobody, but live a long prosperous life. Achilles decides to go to war.He was an amazing warrior and the vase portrays him bigger so that it is evident that he is a better warrior than Ajax, who is not a bad warrior himself.

2.3.5. Symmetrical, balanced, geometric

2.3.6. Focus is at the center, the game of dice.

2.4. Black Figure vases made it difficult to express human like emotions, for the designs had to be scratched in and couldn't be too close together because otherwise the clay would chip.

2.4.1. New node

2.5. Connected to plays/theatre

3. End of Dark Ages

3.1. people settled down, formed villages, divided labor, etc.

3.2. New node

3.3. New node

3.4. Before the Archaic Age was the Dark Age.

3.4.1. 1200-800 BCE.

3.4.2. 3 Waves 2nd wave-sedentary lifestyle, many settled in Asia Minor. Had the best trade routes, ports, lands and became the most intellectual of all Greeks. New node 1st wave-peaceful, Aeolians settled in Greece. 3rd wave-Dorians arrive around 1200 BCE, most warlike of all the Greeks, they eventually conquered Southern Asia Minor, down the coast all the way to Egypt. Effected the Aegean World. Since there was war, nobody has time to create art or architecture. They only destroyed architecture. Only created small sculptures to carry while fighting. They also weren't technologically advanced.

3.4.3. Had art such as Architecture, Frescoes, Sculpture, and Ceramics. Ceramics such as the Kylix, Hydria, Lekythos, Krater, Amphora, and Oenochoe. Dipylon Vases. Generally 5'1 tall, 150 BCE. Used as a funeral marker. Had more technology used for this piece. More specialization. The imagery has changed. Greek Vase painting had six Characteristics. 1. Horror vacui-need to feel every little space with some sort of design. 2. Rigid division of vase into a rational and balanced order. 3. The use of geometric shapes such as triangles and diamonds, though circles were uncommon in Athenian art. 4. 3 horizontal lines separating each change of decoration. 5. The scene is placed between the handles. 6. Geometric shapes used to construct living things, unrealistic but attractive.

4. Ceramics

4.1. Greeks began to produce many ceramics because they needed to trade in order to attain food, for their land was not suitable for grain. They traded wine, olive oil, and ceramics for food which was necessary especially since they were sedentary and feeding a larger population.

4.2. Pottery was spread to those who bought it. (Romans) Their culture, myths, gods, dress, etc. was spread.

5. Red Figure Vases

5.1. 530 BCE.

5.2. Red underneath, painted with black on top. (Can paint rather than scratch)

5.3. Easier to paint human like emotions than scratch. Easier to paint fine details. Lines can overlap.

5.4. Much more realistic and natural.

5.5. New node

5.6. Bilingual Amphoras such as Andokides' piece.

5.6.1. Achilles depicted smaller.

5.6.2. Transformation-Red Figure. Continuation-Black Figure.

5.6.3. Both wearing helmets(Achilles and Ajax)

5.6.4. Change in posture.