Writing a Paper

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Writing a Paper by Mind Map: Writing a Paper

1. Make sure subject is clear

2. Drafting

2.1. Begin Introduction

2.1.1. First paragraph

2.1.2. Two or three sentences that will discuss topic.

2.1.3. Thesis sentence

2.1.4. Peak interest by using "quotations," questions? or some sort of description.

2.2. Body Paragraphs

2.2.1. Details to describe each main point.

2.2.2. Explain/Argue Significance Point you want to make Reasoning

2.3. Conclusion

2.3.1. Paragraph that ends the paper.

2.3.2. Summarize main points of paper.

3. Common Types of Purposes

3.1. Narrative

3.2. Informational/Expository

3.3. Persuasive

3.4. Personal Communication

3.5. Creative

4. Pre-Writing

4.1. Brainstorm, write down list of ideas, graphic organizer, notes logs.

5. Revise

5.1. Add, delete, combine, or rearrange text if needed


7. Final Draft

7.1. After revising, Have someone look over paper.

7.2. Make sure topic is consistent

7.3. Check for Grammar and punctuation mistakes

8. Transitions