Courseware for learning

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Courseware for learning by Mind Map: Courseware for learning

1. Tutorials

1.1. tutorials present students with learning objectives and allow students to use their prior knowledge

2. Hypermedia

2.1. Collections of texts, images, audio files, videos which relate to a topic such as wikipedia

2.1.1. Hypermedia supports learning though case studes, virtual field trips, encyclopedias, webquests

3. Drills

3.1. Provide practice which can sometimes be boring for students

3.1.1. Students need effective and efficient drills which help teachers monitor the progress of students

4. Simulations

4.1. Model some activity that users learn about through interaction with the simulation which simplifies activity by omitting, changing, or adding details.

4.1.1. Advantages: safety, modification of time frames, making rare events more common, promoting motivation to learn, transfer of learning

5. Educational Games

5.1. Effective in incorporating the use of content and skills across a variety of subject areas.

5.1.1. Advantages: motivation to learn, develop knowledge and skills, develop collaborative skills.

6. Tools and Open-ended Learning Environments

6.1. Emphasize learning by discovery, exploration and problem solving

6.1.1. Advantages: deep learning and transfer, collaborative learning, motivation, cross curricular learning