Courseware for Learning

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Courseware for Learning by Mind Map: Courseware for Learning

1. Tutorials

1.1. Informative

1.2. Model skills

1.3. Stimulate Prior Knowledge

2. Hypermedia

2.1. Visual and auditory Information

2.2. Virtual museums

2.3. Webquests

2.4. Wikipedia

3. Drills

3.1. Providing practice

3.2. Digital Flashcards Digital workbooks

3.3. Adaptive to the students pace of learning

4. Stimualtions

4.1. Model an activity

4.2. For saftey reason

4.3. Modification of time frames

4.4. Motivating the drive to learn

5. Educational Games

5.1. Integrates content and skill across variety of subject areas

5.2. adventure games

5.3. Role playing

6. Tools and Open-Ended Learning Enivronments

6.1. Discovery, explanation, Problem solving

6.2. Collaborative learning

6.3. Cross curricular learning

6.4. Not suitable for all learners