Modal Verbs

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Modal Verbs by Mind Map: Modal Verbs

1. Posibility

1.1. Might

1.1.1. Example: Juan might be doing a second career but he is too lazy

1.2. May

1.2.1. Example: victor may have a new job if he works harder

1.3. Could

1.3.1. Example: Jesus could become stronger if he exercises more

2. Ability

2.1. Can

2.1.1. Example: Andreina can can food very fast

2.2. Be able to

2.2.1. Example: Carlos could be able to drive if he were not so crazy

3. Obligation

3.1. Must

3.1.1. Example: Johan must do all your tasks in your work or you'll get fired

3.2. Have to

3.2.1. Example: Johanna have to complete the job before you get paid

4. Necessity

4.1. Need

4.1.1. Example: Angel needs to pass the subject to pass the career

5. Advice

5.1. Ought to

5.1.1. Example: Jose ought to do his homework, or He will fail chemistry

6. Prohibition

6.1. Must not

6.1.1. Example: Juan must not go to Carlos house, he is not a good guy

7. Permisson

7.1. Can

7.1.1. Example: Luis can go to the party if he arrives early

7.2. May

7.2.1. Example: Mariana may be going to the party if he finisher her homework

8. Habit

8.1. Used to

8.1.1. Example: Pedro used to be a very responsible guy

9. Offer

9.1. Will

9.1.1. Example: Catherine will go to the party if he gets her work done

9.2. Shall

9.2.1. Example: Karla shall play with us if we are careful with her

9.3. Would

9.3.1. Example: Esther would become bigger if she eats better