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Honeybee by Mind Map: Honeybee

1. Habitat: Honey bees live were there are flowering plants. They prefer warm environments. Where they can build hives, made from wax from their abdominal glands of a worker bee.

2. Where is the honey bee found in the world? Honey bees are found all over the world in different habitats. Such as: tropical, coastal and forestry-These places are found all over the world.

3. Food: Honey bees eat nectar and pollen, both come from the inside of flowers. Pollen- a powdery substance. Nectar- liquid substance. A Queen Bees diet is different to the regular working bees diet it consists of whats called Royal Jelly- a white secretion.

4. Unusual mating facts:

4.1. -Queen bee is the only honey bee who reproduces, in their colony.

4.2. -A Queen bee ready to reproduce will .under go a mating flight

4.3. -It is a drone Honey bees job to under go a mating flight with a dozen other drones, in the race to mate with the queen bee first.

4.4. -The drone who wins the flight, snaps his penis off inside the queen bees reproductive tract.

4.5. -The snapped off penis then acts as a plug to prevent the other drones from fertilizing the queen.

4.6. -The penis then explodes and fertilizes the queen bee.

4.7. The drone dies after fertilization.

5. Scientific name: Apis

6. Description:

6.1. Color: Brown with bands of dull yellow.

6.2. Size range: Regular working Bee- 9-18mm, Queen-18-20mm

6.3. Weight range: 120 mg or 0.12 g

6.4. Anatomy: Stinger, legs, antenna, three segments of thorax and six visible segments of abdomen.

6.5. Reproductive Anatomy: Queen bee-oviduct, ovary, spermatheca,vagina; Drone- Penis, seminal vessel, ejaculatory valve.

7. Animal Group: Colony or swarm

8. A world without honeybees would not be a world at all!