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Partnerships / Funding by Mind Map: Partnerships / Funding
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Partnerships / Funding

Annie, Kris, Sue, Gabriel, Christine

Funding Partners

Vanita: When GSUSA seeks $, they always consult Councils first to avoid potential conflicts. Usually they say go for it. Happy to share any info we need. Vanita works with board on fund development. Billie is handling 4.7 MS partnership - internet safety; Oct is Internet Safety month; MS will have major presence; Clause that no other tech company will talk about Internet Safety -- need agreement from Billie. Better to talk about bigger picture... convention is launch of partnerships. Approach: SVP, CEO Gatekeepers - secretaries... ask them what is their experience in GS Copy technology, marketing, corporate giving Have proposal ready - Vanita has boilerplate for convention. What visibility will funders get? Deb's group vets this info. Vanita will ask Dephia about it.


Marsha Lamb


HP Foundation

Dennis Sandow

Sarah Andersen

Former Board chair; influences several foundations Andersen Windows

Technology Partnerships

Mind Meister



3G iPhones and laptops would be faaaabulous!



YouTube: expanded account for longer and private videos GoogleApps

Technology Needs

National Meetings has prospectus - exhibitor corporate sponsorships Think there is a sponsorship available for someone to buy polling gadgets. Online - exhibitor prospectus & (corporate) sponsorship prospectus


Smart Phones


Production volunteers

Digital StoryWeaving Mentors



Wed night Donor reception



Wii and Wii Fit products have good synergy with GSLI. They would be a good draw for the exhibit hall and possibly other locations.