Research Paper Writing

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Research Paper Writing by Mind Map: Research Paper Writing

1. One

1.1. Topic

1.1.1. Choose topic Example: My topic is the rock band RED.

1.1.2. Find information Example: RED's current guitarist is Anthony Armstrong. Armstrong has been playing PRS [Paul Reed Smith] Guitars since the late 1990.

2. Two

2.1. Thesis

2.1.1. Brainstorm

2.1.2. Write one sentence thesis

3. Three

3.1. Outline

3.1.1. Make outline

3.1.2. Organize Example: I. Current band members:

3.1.3. Write first draft

4. Four

4.1. Write

4.1.1. Write, and write, and write

4.1.2. Revise outline and draft

5. Final

5.1. Type final draft