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Sophia Online Learning by Mind Map: Sophia Online Learning

1. 1) What is Sophia?

1.1. MISSION: Sophia Pathways is an Online Learning Portal dedicated to delivering college success through online courses, teacher resources, and student learning resources (such as homework help

1.1.1. For College Students: Sophia provides online college level courses, at low costs with no required textbook.

1.1.2. For Teachers: Sophia offers tools, technologies, and resources for teachers to implement in the classroom, create lesson plans, and guide student learning

1.1.3. For Students: Sophia offers thousands of free tutorials for students, offers homework help from professional online teachers, and creates an atmosphere for individual class engagement as well. M.Williams: When you say students, are you referring to HS students? Are Advanced Placement Courses available for college credit? Do HS students interact with college students? Yes, high school students can use it too! There are AP courses online, but the homework help tool and the collaboration tool for class groups are accessible for all students

2. 2) How can teachers use Sophia Pathways?

2.1. Sophia offers free resources for the classroom, with tools for blended learning.

2.1.1. "Transform your classroom with fresh content, boost your interactive course materials, create tutorials, or flip your classroom with the latest and greatest Sophia resources."

2.2. Teacher's can create individual class rosters, upload assignments, conduct lessons in an interactive way, and grade students through the Sophia software.

2.2.1. "Our powerful analytics let you track student performance in real time, at the concept level, so you can better understand what's working for them and where they need more help. The more you know about your students, the better you're able to meet their individual needs and help boost their achievement."

2.2.2. "Challenge gifted students or help those who are struggling with Sophia Pathways. Our Pathways use Sophia's Many Ways model that offers multiple teaching styles for every concept. Students can take quizzes to help them and you monitor their progress as they complete each pathway. Whether you're building an after-school enrichment program or a credit recovery course, we have everything you need to boost achievement."

2.2.3. M. Williams: This looks like an awesome online teaching tool! How would you (or do you) use this in your class?

3. Questions -Dr. Fritz

3.1. Can students interact and collaborate using this tool?

3.1.1. Yes, students can interact and collaborate through this tool. I find it to be very similar to Google Classroom, and it gives students opportunities to interact with each other

4. Question - K. Maguire

4.1. Can high school students participate in the college level courses?