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TimeToast by Mind Map: TimeToast

1. Who can use this tool?

1.1. Teachers

1.2. Students

1.2.1. D.Lynn-Can this be used as an interactive tool in the classroom? R. Burks: This tool can absolutely be used inside of the classroom. It's free and easy to get signed up.

1.2.2. This would be quite beneficial for students to use for projects to help them appreciate concepts such as sequence and change over time. -Octavia

1.3. School Districts

1.3.1. M Kennedy: A teaching team (ex: all 1st grade teachers) could develop a timeline on where they want students to be. They could develop certain time periods throughout the year where certain material should be covered. Since it is online and readily available to the entire team, anyone could change and modify the timeline to fit the team's needs. R Burks: I agree that this would be a great way to utilize this tool. I thought school districts could share key events or share class projects with the community throughout the school year.

2. Why use TimeToast?

2.1. Class Schedules

2.1.1. M Kennedy: This would be a great tool to use when the class is developing a large/multi-day project. I would allow the students to follow along and see what milestones are important. It can also give a parent a grasp of the timeline their child needs to complete a project. K.Maguire - this would definitely be useful for several long term projects we work on in 2nd grade. Sometimes parents lose track of time and a timeline of steps to complete would make the whole process easier.

2.1.2. This would be a great way to share the class schedule with parents. You could put on field trips, test dates, homework due dates, etc so that it could all be accessed in one place. C. Loring

2.2. Important Events

2.3. Share Stories

2.4. W.Schumacher- Do you think TimeToast would be a useful scheduling tool for collaborative projects? I think it would be an interesting way to create a project timeline.


3.1. From this website you can add your own acount and get started today!

4. What is TimeToast?

4.1. TimeToast is a free online tool for creating timelines where a user can upload pictures to enhance their timelines.